Why Calibration is Key

Posted by Mike Blazes on 26 October, 2017

Calibration is one of those elements of lab management that is all-encompassing. Wherever there are processes monitoring temperature, testing that relies on controlled environments or storage of sensitive materials, samples or lab equipment, calibration is at the core. Why? Because it is what the ensures the validity of key instruments such as thermometers that produce the results, that maintain the integrity of samples and reliability of equipment. And, since temperature is one of the most universal and impactful parameters in a laboratory, the calibration must be done correctly and consistently. The temperature in a laboratory setting may influence:

  • Test results;
  • Effectiveness and stability;
  • Accuracy and precision;
  • Shelf-life and efficacy;
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Technology evolving in Measuring and Monitoring Devices 

Are you embracing technology to avoid mistakes in measuring and monitoring?

  • Is measure and monitoring boring?
  • Is your data accurate?
  • Is your process laborious?

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