Checks and Balances of Measurement and Monitoring in a Modern Lab

Posted by Mike Blazes on 04 May, 2017


Something I learned early on in my career was in order to create a lasting and important impact, you need to validate it. Whatever it may be in your life— personal with family or friends or in your profession with your work— if it is really important to you, test it, try it and make it happen. For me, this is an idea I carry with me every day that I am in the lab because my mission is to impact science and research for the better of society, for people, for you and for me. And so, I approach each challenge, each issue with tenacity and optimism. To quote William Hickson, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” 

In his annual letter for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates emphasized the importance of measurement and monitoring.  He said, “Given a goal, you decide on what key variable you need to change to achieve it. [You use the measurement as feedback to make adjustments.] He went on to say that he believes a lot of efforts fail “because they don't focus on the right measure or they don't invest enough in doing it accurately.”

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Topics: Measuring and Monitoring

Technology evolving in Measuring and Monitoring Devices 

Are you embracing technology to avoid mistakes in measuring and monitoring?

  • Is measure and monitoring boring?
  • Is your data accurate?
  • Is your process laborious?

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